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Kit Fox PupsThere are 21 species of fox around the world, and this little creature has had an impact on every culture there is. The fox is so much a part of our everyday speech that we don't even think about it: "sly as a fox"; a "foxy person"; you "clever fox" — and on and on.

Fox teaches us about feminine magic, but this does not imply that it is a totem for women. Rather, both men and women who have the fox as a totem are being told to stay in touch with the feminine side of their personality and character. If you're attracted to the fox, you would have a better understanding of your need to develop your feminine side if you read up on feminine/goddess energy. There are many excellent books available that are far too numerous to mention here.

Fox comes out of hiding at dusk — twilight — that magic time when the doors to the fairy kingdom open. If you have a fondness for fairies, elves, gnomes, the "little people" and sprites, fox is working on you. :) Its keen eyesight also has the ability to see movement and objects on the very edges of the field of vision. Those with active fox medicine can often see Spirit, and the beings "between worlds". If this is an ability that you'd like to develop, practice at twilight and call upon fox energy to help you. With fox's super-sensitive hearing, you may also be able to hear Spirit.

The ears and tail of the fox have messages for you. The ears help the animal to keep cool in the summer as they expel body heat through the ears. If you're too warm, pull your hair away from your ears; if you're cold, let your hair cover your ears. The tail acts as a portable blanket to keep the nose and feet warm. Do you sleep in socks? Do you always want something on your feet? The tail also says that you have the ability to protect yourself from unpleasant and uncomfortable situations and relationships, and can stay cozy and warm with your own inner strength.

The fox also has a highly developed sense of smell, and you may be very aware of smells, odors, and their subtle differences. You are also alert to unpleasant situations and/or danger because something just "doesn't smell right". The study of aromatherapy may be just the thing for you.

Use fox medicine to become a master of camouflage. How? Practice entering a room or gathering quietly, melt into the surroundings, and see how long you can go unnoticed. This will let you get the lay of the land, size up the situation, determine where you fit in to your best advantage; all very quietly without anyone knowing what you're doing. Practice calming your energy fields and your vibrations, and pulling them closer to you, so that your presence is not announced by the sheer force of your being.

While the actual body of the fox is very small, the mass of hair that protects it gives the impression of greater bulk. The hair varies in color tones and textures much like human hair. Fox people take pride in caring for their hair as their "crowning glory". Bored? Restless? Antsy? At odds with yourself? Change your hair — it'll work wonders for your outlook.

Such a tiny animal to carry so many teachings. :) Study the fox. It can help you to change your life in many ways.

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