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You probably never gave the elk much thought, but I think you'll be able to relate to his message.

Elk is power, strength, stamina and nobility. At one time, the entire continent was covered with elk, but now it is found only in the West, and it is one of the protected animals.

If you have elk medicine, you have learned to look at the long view of things, and "hit your stride" so that you can maintain your energy and determination until a project is completed. Things that take a long time to complete properly do not discourage you. You don't give up easily. Also, you work well in groups and are not one to "hog" the credit for a thing well done. Elk teaches lessons in mutual cooperation for the good of the whole.

Your favorite time of the year is probably autumn and early winter. You don't feel the cold as severely as others might.

You are either a vegetarian, or eat a lot of veggies and fruit. You find that your energy drops when you eat too much meat.

One of the wonderful traits of elk people is that they are comfortable with their own sex, and work well with their own sex. Elk people belong to women's/men's groups and do not suffer the intense competition found in some people when they are with their own sex. Women are able to work well with other women without gossip and jealousy and pettiness, and men work well with other men without the need to flex their macho muscles, or be top dog, or be the one in control. However, it is important for elk people to mingle and communicate with the opposite sex; not for sexual interaction, but for the sharing of energy from another viewpoint. This is necessary to maintain balance in the emotional and mental outlook.

If you are an elk person, you probably spend a lot of time just "being a friend" to others. You are warm, comfortable and understanding.

Has elk entered your life? He is a wonderful asset.

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