Khristian E. Kay

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ok So yeah that is the official me: I am an educator and you can read my personal mission statement concerning that here. But before we get into philosophy and all that you want to know my credentials right?

I have been directly involved with computers since my first MAC in 1985. I moved quickly into the Commodore world because of the availability of software; (Ah.. the piracy bulletin boards of yesteryear...) by 1989 I had given up my Commodore 128D with the 12 daisy-chained floppy drives for a 386-16 IBM based PC with an 80 mb hard drive. (Oh 80 megs!!!) The hard drive. We could now store information ON the computer!

Now my "home" computer is  a  network system of  hand built Pentium and K-450 machines plugged into a dual P-III 675 w/256 mb ram 64mb video ram and 120gb of hard drive space (which of course I'm running out of  ;) Alas, technology... the bigger and faster it is the bigger and faster we want it to be.

Nontheless, beside the flippant attitude I also have a degree in Computer Technology Education (M.Ed.) a degree in Special Education (M.A.) and a bunch of  B.S. degrees in Education and English.

I am a futurist who also happens to be a techno-luddite. (I despise the intrusion of  phones). I also suffer from various Learning Difficulties (I dislike the term "disabled" because hey "you're no  more disabled than me") and like to talk out about what needs to be done with education reform.